How eating nuts & seeds improve women health

How eating nuts & seeds improve women health

How eating nuts & seeds improve women health

How eating nuts & seeds improve women’s health

Women around us are the center of the universe, and yet their health and dietary needs often get ignored. In the everyday hustle, trying to juggle between work, home, social relations and personal demands there is little or no time left to ensure our health is taken care of. 

This is why adding nuts, seeds and dried fruits to every woman’s daily diet becomes crucial. These are the real superfoods that have been around since centuries and are known to be the nutrition powerhouse. For women, these can prove to be magic pills that they were looking for.

Here are ten women health areas that can be improved by daily consumption of nuts, seeds and dried fruits:-

  1. Daily vitamins required for women:

    Female diet should include Vitamin A,C,D, E, K, VitaminB12 and biotin for the overall well-being and proper functioning of the body. In our fast paced lives, often relying on quick fixed meals and junk, these dietary needs are neglected. Nuts like almond, walnuts, dried berries and seeds can be consumed as a natural alternative. These are more reliable sources of nutrition than the chemical based multivitamin supplements available in the market.
  1. Better gut health: Most women suffer with gut related issues. The reason being  is lack of fiber and high sugar intake in our diets. Regularly eating nuts and dried fruits  like pistachio, almonds, raisins and figs can help with bloating. Both green raisin and black raisin are an excellent source of soluble fiber. They contain tartaric acid that regulates the balance of bacteria in your gut
  1. Healthy skin & hair: Women of all age, love & dream to have a healthy, glowing skin & hair. For that natural luster dried fruits and berries can do wonders. Cranberry & gooseberry that is rich in Vitamin C and salicylic acid protect skin against UV damage and prevents hyper-pigmentation. Almonds, pecan nuts and sunflower seeds are rich source of biotin and naturally boost collagen production and also boost hair growth.
  1. Source of calcium & iron: Every 1 in 2 women in India have calcium and iron deficiency. These two important micronutrients are lacking in Indian diet. Almonds and hazelnut have high amount of calcium, with just 30gm providing 6% of the daily value. Apart from this cashew, pistachio and other seeds like flax seed are rich in magnesium which enable calcium absorption in body. For iron pistachio, apricots, dates, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds all are good source of iron. 
  1. Weight management: Nuts & seeds are great for weight management and are good snacking options. Nuts are known to be ‘calorie-dense’ but also have a high proportion of protein, healthy fats and high fiber. This results in gradual release of energy and avoids sudden sugar spikes. Also the fiber content makes you feel fuller for longer.
  1. Improve female fertility & conception: Nuts and seeds have high concentration of Omega-3, vitamins & minerals, polyphenols which have been linked to improving both female & male fertility. Walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds and brazil nuts are rich source of folate and B-Vitamins which prevents birth defects and support brain development of the child. Professional doctors and fertility experts advise to include a healthy serving of mixed nuts in the diet of an expecting mother or women planning to conceive.
  1. Source of nutrition for pregnant & lactating women: Nuts like cashew, almonds, hazelnut are recommended for breastfeeding mothers. These are rich in nutrients which boost milk production. Also consuming these nuts builds immunity and  protects babies from developing allergies. Seeds like pumpkin, mellon and sesame are natural source of DHA and alphalinolenic acid which increases milk production. 
  1. Hormone balancing: Today, most women are struggling with hormonal imbalance across the world. The reason is increased stress, lack of physical exercise, unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. While its important to make healthy lifestyle choices to restore hormonal balance, nutrition plays a vital role. Foods rich in Omega-3, Omega-6, magnesium and zinc help in balancing hormones. Including chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds help to balance estrogen level in body and contribute to the overall well-being of female health. Seed cycling is a huge trend around the world for hormone balancing.
  1. Instant energy: There are many times while juggling with all the daily activities, women feel a sudden slump of energy. Especially during the late afternoon and evening hours, people feel sluggish and drained. Eating a handful of mixed nuts or dry fruits at this time help to instantly regain energy. As nuts are nutrient dense, they provide a balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats. Cashews are  rich in copper,  magnesium and manganese which are important for energy production. Sunflower seeds provide Vitamin B1 and selenium which increases blood flow and fights fatigue.
  1. Mood uplifting: This is the best part about eating nuts and seeds. The crunchy taste not just tastes good, they also help to elevate mood, reduce anxiety and stress. Almonds boost dopamine which is the hormone related to happiness and pleasure. Cashews and pistachios help production of serotonin which is the hormone that regulates sleep and reduces stress. Berries are rich in antioxidants, phenolic compounds and anthocyanins which is the pigment that lowers risk of depression. Munch on a handful of mixed nuts and berries for the feel good factor!

Just like us women, nuts and seeds also play a vivid and vital role in maintaining good health. With one serving (recommended serving size – 30gm), they can help target different health areas.By choosing a handful of mixed nuts, various nutrition profile can be covered. It makes sure that you get a good dose of daily required vitamins, minerals and micronutrients are added in your diet. 

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